Sunday, April 21, 2013

Haiti Trip - July 18-22 2013

July 18-22 2013

Why Go:

143 Million Orphans Globally; The Opportunity to Make a Difference

·         See the problem--Be part of the solution

·         See first-hand the work that is being done to rescue and restore these kids

·         Experience God’s hand in amazing ways

What to Expect:

·         Visit children's villages and spend time with the children doing activities you would do with your own children- playing, singing, games, sports, crafts, loving, hugging, and holding them.

·         Visit locations where there are opportunities to build and rescue more children and discuss the potential for expansion. Tour the small businesses that Global Orphan operates which provide jobs in the community and financially support the villages.

·         Worship with the local church in Haiti. Good Haitian food. Daily Bible study with your team.


Trip Requirements? 1) Relationship with Christ.  2) Actively serving at CATB.  3) Involved in a Growth Group. 

How much is the trip? The trip is $585 plus airfare (estimated around $450) We'll fly from Tampa to Miami and then from Miami to Port-au-Prince.
Where will we stay? Global Orphan owns a hotel, the Jumecort Inn, outside of Port-au-Prince, with comfortable accommodations, including filtered drinking water, air conditioned rooms, and a cafeteria. There's 24 hour armed security guarding the Inn, a watchtower and tall wall surrounding the premises.

What will we eat? The Jumecort Inn serves a large breakfast and dinner each day. You'll bring your own snacks to eat for lunch while we're out for the day.

Immunizations?  Global Orphan recommends getting these vaccinations: Hepatitis A & B, Typhoid, and Tetanus. You should also take Malaria medication. Contact your county health department or personal physician.

What if I want to go, but can't afford it? You can raise funds for the trip. The $100 deposit needs to come from you, but the rest of the amount can be raised. It's a great opportunity to give friends, family and co-workers the chance to participate in what you're doing and to jump-start conversations about church and following Christ. Check back with the site for more suggestions and practical how-to's on fundraising. 

Who can I talk to if I have more questions? Sarah Chandler is leading and coordinating the August trip and has been to Haiti twice already. You can email her at You can also contact the other Haiti Alumni with questions about what the trip will be like.

Signing Up:

1) Send $100 deposit to CATB through PayPal: PayPal link

(your spot will not be reserved until you've made the $100 deposit)

2) Fill out Trip Sign Up Form Sign Up Form

CATB Haiti Alumni:

If you are thinking about joining us on our next trip to Haiti grab one of our Haiti Alumni to get an idea of what the trip is like and how it changed their life. Scroll through the blog to read stories from Alumni written by Sandy Mayer, Blaine Albright, Sarah Chandler, Tony Lisotta, Brian Heckman and April McCullohs.

January 2012 Trip: (top row, L-R) Michael Warren, Brian Heckman, James Gothard, Alan Caraway, Blaine Albright (bottom row, L-R) Rachael Warren, April McCullohs, Pastor Kesnel, Sarah Chandler, Sandy Mayer

May 2011 Trip: Susan Rose, Sarah Chandler, Taylor Beacham, Michael Chandler, Hal 4 Mayer, Bryan DeLucca

May 2010 Trip: Hal Mayer, Hal 4 Mayer, Neal McCullohs

Helpful Links:

Global Orphan


Email Sarah at

Monday, March 18, 2013

Upcoming Trip Meeting

You are invited.........

What:    Informational meeting regarding the upcoming youth trip to Haiti. 
Who:     Parents and students 8-12th grade
When:   3/24/13 @ 3pm
Where:  CATB Warehouse


Check out this video from our last trip to Haiti.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Upcoming Trip


We are planning a highschool youth trip to Haiti.  We will be visiting the orphanage and children that Church At The Bay sponsers.  This will be a great opportunty for the students to serve this summer.

Dates: 7/18/2013 to 7/22/13

Here are some of our CATB students who have gone on previous trips.  Get together with one of these students to find out what the trip is like!

 Taylor Beacham

Michael Chandler

Sydney Chandler


More information to come. We will be planning a meeting this month to answer questions and discuss fundraising.

Friday, February 22, 2013

CATB Haiti Team 2/2013

All In One Village
Pastor and Madame Kesnel
Sheryl Kreuzinger, Josh and Sarah Chandler, Justin Rose
Sydney Chandler and Michael Chandler

Click on link below to watch a slide show of photos from of our recent trip to Haiti.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Upcoming Trip

We have a team from Church at the Bay leaving Thursday 2/7/13. They will be visiting multiple orphanges in Haiti and spending a couple of days visiting with the children we sponsor at All-In-One.
Please pray for the teams safe journey and for lasting impact in the lives of the children and the team members.
Sheryl Kreuzinger, Justin Rose, Michael Chandler,
Sydney Chandler, Sarah Chandler
not pictured: Joshua Chandler

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Klarens, Wolden and Jameslee

Three new family members.

Klarens and Wolden

Kalren and his brother Wolden joined the All-In-One Family this summer after their mother died.



After his mother died Jameslee was neglected, abused and abandoned by his uncle.  Thankfully a stranger brought him to Pastor Kesnel.

Please pray for these children to Know Gods love and the love of their new family.

James 1:27
"Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress..."

Friday, December 28, 2012

Reminder...time is running out!

Upcoming Trip

A group from Church at the Bay will be traveling back to Haiti to visit the orphanage we support.

If you are interested in going please check out the blog and the following websites.

Church at the Bay trip page
Þ Global Orphan Trip Page

Trip Dates:  2/7/2013- 2/11/2013
Final Payment due: 1/31/2013

Meeting Dates:
1/14/2013  7-8pm
1/31/2013  6:30-8:30pm

If you have any questions please